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I am AJ Maxfield, and I am on a mission to educate people to choose kind. I originally started Derr & Co. because my husband is a hat junkie, and I wanted a style for my little man to match him.  We designed our hats for style and function, most of all we want your littles to look rad all the time. Everything changed when my little girl was born. We realized very early on that her right side of her face was not moving as well as her left. She ended up being born without her 7th cranial nerve. She will have facial palsy for the rest of her life. We now have to keep a hat on her at all times in the sun as she cannot fully close that right eye. This hat business has a whole new meaning as it is something that saves my little girl. Now more importantly that ever, I want to give back to those that are dealing with facial differences. We now give a portion of every purchase to myFace Charity. By purchasing from Derr you are helping those with Facial Differences & Facial Diagnoses.
Derr & Co.
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